6 Week Sober and Transformation Challenge - Starts November 3

6 Week Sober and Transformation Challenge - Starts November 3

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Are you ready to take a break from alcohol and rebuild your confidence and clarity? I’m starting a new 6 week challenge that will help you to quit drinking or just take a break. As part of a small group, you will have accountability and be backed by a community of like minded people to help you to stay inspired and on track.

Live daily journaling, meditation and breathwork sessions 6.30am each morning to help set you up with your daily practice.  These daily journaling session help to uncover unhelpful behaviours, thoughts, their origins, their impacts, their functionality, and create awareness about our behaviours.  

A regular group coaching call will give you strategies and tips about how to navigate through 6 weeks of sobriety, as well as give everyone an opportunity to share with the group. Coaching calls are 60 minutes twice a week. They will be running Monday's at 7pm AEST (Sydney time)
Daily morning calls, including journaling, meditation, breathwork and gratitude practice.  From 6.30 - 7am AEDT. 

You will connect with a community of people and through the weekly sessions and your one on one. You'll understand the triggers that cause you to drink, learning coping strategies other than alcohol and deepening your connection to self.

In the weekly meeting we cover all sorts of topics ranging from practical tips to deal with cravings and triggers, mindset coaching, reframing negative thoughts patterns, dismantling old beliefs around alcohol, mindfulness techniques, breath techniques and more.  Set up the foundations for a strong, meditation, journalling and gratitude practice. 

The Challenge includes:

In the weekly meeting we cover all sorts of topics ranging from practical tips to deal with cravings and triggers, compassionate inquiry, dismantling old beliefs around alcohol, understanding what lies underneath the cravings for alcohol for you, understanding our patterns and how to create new ones, learn to meditate, learn  mindfulness techniques, breath techniques and more.  

The Challenge includes:

-  live daily 20 minute morning practice from 6.30 am AEST .

- A weekly zoom meetings with different focuses to help you ditch alcohol on Sundays at 6pm AEST

- Tune into and befriend your emotions. 

- Work out a plan with tools and techniques to get your through the cravings and how to deal with situations and events that may trigger you

- Work on dealing with your triggers. Why you have them and how to deal with them.

- Access to the Facebook group to connect with like minded people who are on your same journey.

- Once you finish the challenge, you'll receive access to the HIQA graduates group and book club which meet each week on Sunday at 7:30pm AEST. 

- First to be notified of HIQA retreats and workshops with Danni 

- One on one calls with Danni can be booked as an additional ad on. 

Confidentiality and safety is assured within the group. All participants must agree to the confidentiality of those in the group, no recording, photographing or sharing any of the content within the challenge.

You'll have access to a private Facebook group for those in the challenge which will allow everyone to continue to share and get support when you need it, and also to be there for others in the group. You'll also have unlimited email and phone support from me.

Grant yourself clarity, a fresh mindset and increased confidence.

Secure your spot early as numbers are limited.

Feel free to send me an email and organise a phone chat to see if it's a good fit for you before you sign up.

Uncover the reasons behind your drinking and how to establish fresh coping strategies to help support you in a healthier way.

We are going to guide you through lots of practices and tools and daily suggestions that are designed to help you rewire and create new neural pathways and these have all been proven to work.

6 weeks doesn’t seem like a huge amount of time but through daily repetition and daily practice we are going to help you to change the way you think. The more you do the “goods” and daily work and really commit to this the more chance you have of succeeding and really facilitating some big changes in your life and the way you think about yourself and sobriety. Did you know that it only takes 3-4 weeks to rewire your brain and create new neural pathways? So, if you have been a "negative Nancy" all your life with commitment and repetition you can change that way of thinking!

If your goal is to never drink again, to get some new perspective or to inject some new ideas into our current sobriety, this work will set you up with the foundation to help you and become even more awesome.

Please note that fees are non-refundable for the challenge. Refunds will not be issued due to non participation in the program. Spots are limited so please contact HIQA before signing up if you are unsure.

Here's What Some Past Challengers Had to Say:

"I would recommend this challenge to anyone that needs to quit alcohol. The education and awareness for me has been key. The morning sessions and morning practice has definitely helped me succeed, and it’s something I want to keep up ongoing. The support of the group and accountability has helped so much too. Learning about and practicing breath work and meditation has impacted my life positively as a whole, not just quitting the booze. I’ve had changes to my well-being I never thought I could achieve in such a short timeframe, and I’ve never been happier, at peace and so focused. Your podcast changed my life. I get something out of every episode that I carry on for myself and learn from. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me." - Allison 

"This challenge/group was a life changing experience. I was very scared to expose myself to a group of people, as I was very embarrassed about my challenges with alcohol. However I quickly realised through Danni's amazing support and meeting other members in the same group, how normal my issues were and it felt incredible doing it together. Danni also helped me change my beliefs around alcohol. White knuckling it is not the solution and we came up with wonderful methods that have helped me look at sobriety in a whole new light. I feel like a different person." - Beck

"Doing the challenge has been invaluable for me starting this alcohol free journey. Danni’s approach is amazing - never getting preachy or righteous just giving you the tools and insights to start your journey off on the right (or left) foot. The best part of joining the challenge is the group. You are with people who all want to make a change and the support is genuine, honest and raw. If you’re looking at changing your relationship with alcohol, I would highly recommend giving the course ago. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain." - ED

"I just loved the HIQA challenge and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to see if their life is better without alcohol or to cement the decision to be alcohol free.  Danni was always available to give personal support and guidance and I really looked forward to the Sunday sessions. They were about so much more than quitting alcohol. I loved the Facebook group. My group were amazing. Everyone was supportive of each other and Danni and Lyndal were regularly in the group prompting some great discussions and always with support and guidance if someone was struggling. At first I was a bit reluctant to share in the online group, but it was cultivated as a safe space and the more I interacted, the more I got out of it." - Clara

"When I signed up for the challenge, I felt very alone in what I was experiencing with alcohol. Being a very private person made it harder to reach out for help. But this challenge, and the reassurance that it was totally OK for me to be a witness and not take centre stage, was an enormous relief. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling, afraid, self-loathing, despondent, felling hopeless….all the “gifts” alcohol gives you. It has helped me enormously, and I cannot thank Danni and Lyndal enough for having the courage to share their stories and dedicate themselves to helping others." - Amy 

"I'm not sure words will ever do justice to how totally life-changing this challenge has been for me. It gave me the reset that I needed. The mentoring from Danni and the support and camaraderie from the challenge group making everything seem possible and even enjoyable! Three months of no alcohol has resulted in the best sleep I've ever had, no more hangovers, no more morning anxiety and self-hatred, over 12kgs of weight loss, clear skin, and improved relationships. I am eternally grateful for finding you Danni!" - Jacinta  

Read some more kind words from past challengers here

I can't wait to see you in the next challenge!