Between our 3 Month Challenges, the Podcast and our Playbook, we've had quite a few people partake in the HIQA method and have huge success! But don't just take our word for it...


For quite some time I had felt unhappy with my relationship with alcohol. I knew on every level that I was consuming more than what was good for me but I dreaded the thought of giving up. 

I found your podcast and there was something about how down to earth, real and approachable you sounded that made me curious about your 3 month program. I felt my higher self was calling me and I'd resisted for quite some time to hearing her but I felt too unhappy with myself to continue on the same path. 

So, after a bottle of chardy, I joined up and awaited the start day. I drank with a desperation the last week before the challenge and I had a strong mixture of fear and apprehension about going alcohol free for 3 months. 

Right from the first few days and contact with the group and you, I felt my sense of deprivation and loss leaving. I was so surprised and relieved to have this replaced with such an emphasis of gain rather than loss. The focus on the positives really helped me enormously and I moved pretty quickly into a sense of well being and positive thinking around my decision. 

I loved being part of a warm support group with no judgement but rather a shared sense of experiences around alcohol. Initially I looked externally for validation of my choice to go alcohol free, but as I progressed through the 3 months I found that lost sense of self worth inside myself. 

Of all the changes I have noticed, the biggest one has been breaking the cycle of guilt  and regret. What a relief! I like myself again, I'm proud of myself. Its day 100 for me and I have continued to be alcohol free. Many many thanks to you.

- Annie


I wish to say a big thank you for all your support over the past few months.When I hit a low you got me back up. The non judgmental was very comforting.

Teaching myself how to self love, be confident, have the courage to say no the the sneaky bitch, believing in myself have all been massive learning curves for and these I am still working on. Being sober is a feeling that you cannot explain until you experience it. Finger up to the alcohol!”

- Caroline


Meeting the rest of the group and hearing their stories, made me feel so inspired, a part of a group who like me totally knew the pleasure and pain of alcohol. The work we did together, the tools and support you gave us has put me on a path I have never travelled before, the path of healing self.

I know it has only been 3 months and I have a lot of inner work to do, I honestly believe with the tools, armour and empowerment your challenge gave me, I am going to be just fine. Much love and gratitude to you Danni, you are giving people such a gift.

- Tracey


Thank you, thank you, thank you Danni! I'm not sure words will ever do justice to how totally life-changing this challenge has been for me. I have battled with my relationship with alcohol for most of my life. I was a nightly wine drinker; using wine to cope, to celebrate, to commiserate, and for absolutely no reason at all. Drinking had me waking up feeling anxious and full of self-hatred. I wasn't the mother or wife that I wanted to be. I was drinking my evenings away and never fully present. The How I Quit Alcohol three-month challenge gave me the reset that I needed, with the mentoring from Danni and the support and camaraderie from the challenge group making everything seem possible and even enjoyable!!  Three months of no alcohol has resulted in the best sleep I've ever had, no more hangovers, no more morning anxiety and self-hatred, over 12kgs of weight loss, clear skin, and improved relationships. My next goal is 12 months! I am eternally grateful for finding you Danni!

- Jacinta


Feeling amazing and the support of the How I Quit Alcohol podcast and the 3 Month Challenge was invaluable. Danni and the beautiful group I met there were major factors to my success. I feel like I’ve achieved years of progress in just four short sober months. Can’t see myself ever going back!

- Tara


Spending 3 months working with Danni in the challenge has transformed my sobriety & wellness and helped me to change how I think about myself. Danni shared her wisdom gained through professional training and also her real-life experience to help me dismantle old beliefs about myself, use circuit breakers to interrupt negative feedback loops, and to change the language I use about myself. Tackling a drinking issue is not just about putting down the drink, it’s about changing old patterns, routines and digging deep to find some self love, and Danni teaches all of this through really simple exercises and practices that are easy to incorporate into my daily routine. I feel so much more confident to stay sober and stay well thanks to Danni and being a part of an incredible group of like-minded people. If you want to get serious about living a happy, sober and fulfilled life, then I can’t recommend this challenge highly enough… it’s life-changing!"

- Lyndal


I never in a million years thought I’d be a sober, yoga stretching, meditating, gratitude junkie but here I am. I’ve been trying to get sober by white knuckling it for years. HIQA gave me all the tools and support I needed to make sobriety, and every other great habit I’d avoided, stick. Danni is a gift. I’m so glad I found my way here.”  

- Kelly 


The 3 month I Quit Alcohol challenge was a game changer for me. I had tried many many times to take a break from alcohol and only lasted a month max. I learned soo much during the 3 months that I will keep in my toolkit and use daily for a happier healthier life for the rest of my life!! 

- Nolle


I signed up for the HIQA 3 month challenge after binging the podcast and recognising myself in so many of Danni's guests’ stories. The podcast was so relatable, down to earth and honest which I was hoping the challenge would replicate. It did that and so much more. The challenge gave me tools which I took on board and guess what, they work! I have NEVER stopped drinking wine and now I am happily heading towards 4 months sober. Danni has created a space that made me feel that I was not alone, supported and we even managed a laugh along the way. I could not recommend this challenge enough!"

- Steph


"Joining the 3 month challenge with Danni has been literally life changing. I was desperate for a change, and sceptical that I could go 3 months without alcohol but with Danni's help and guidance and the amazing support of other team members I was able to make some huge changes that I never thought were possible. If you are questioning your drinking & spending too long thinking about your drinking please, join the challenge! Do it! So refreshing to be with people who understand the struggles & all have a common goal. Thank you Danni, so, so grateful to have found you" 
- Hannah