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Danni Carr and Ash Grunwald
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In a society where socialising, relaxing, and celebrating often involves knocking back a drink or two, quitting can seem impossible.

In “How I Quit Alcohol,” multi-award-winning blues musician Ash Grunwald and trauma-informed sobriety coach Danni Carr offer a raw, honest, inspiring account of their journey to sobriety and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the wild world of rock & roll.

From blacking out and waking up in an alleyway after performing to a sold-out crowd of thousands to vomiting on the shoes of a music idol, this book is more than just a memoir. It’s a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol. Ash and Danni don’t hold back from sharing their personal struggles and the entertaining, shameful, and downright embarrassing yet pivotal moments that led them to quit. 

Through their tales of excess binging, projectile vomiting in airport terminals, and drunken confrontations outside of brothels, we see first-hand the transformative benefits they experienced from quitting booze. From improved relationships with their loved ones to discovering new passions and a deeper sense of self, their stories are a testament to how much more rewarding life can be just by saying goodbye to alcohol. 

Filled with practical, easy-to-implement techniques, spiritual and motivational insights, and science-backed strategies, “How I Quit Alcohol” empowers readers to take control of their lives. Whether you want to drink less, quit altogether, or require a little nudge towards a healthier lifestyle, this book provides the support and encouragement you need to embrace a happier, more purposeful future - completely booze-free!


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