So many people struggle with binge drinking and wish they could give it up. We have got tools and strategies to help you win your freedom.

We’ve been exactly where you are. We have had a love hate relationship with alcohol as well. We have also fallen in to the trap of thinking it’s our best friend whilst deep down knowing it’s our worst enemy. We believe we can help you on your sober journey. Book a zoom call with Danni or Ash (Ash STA), it’s time to make a change.


12 months of sober coaching

Would you like to book 12 months of regular monthly zoom calls with Danni or Ash to help keep you on track to sober? Save $40 when you book 12 in advance.

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“Alcohol has controlled me for over 30 years - what came first, the chicken or the egg; alcohol or unhappines? I’ve tried various methods to make change – psychologist, religion, life coach, self development workshops etc, with only for short term benefit.

I signed up for HIQA webinar & coaching session whilst drunk – I’d not sighted HIQA’s website nor podcasts. Danni’s (& Ash’s) frank & enthusiastic approach surprised & enlightened me – they assisted me to confront alcohol & I gained 3 major learnings from that session. I was apprehensive during my first coaching session & could not commit to change, though I knew I ‘needed’ to; Danni helped me realise I have to want to change, to take (back) control of my life and that I am worthy. A few days after this session I decided to take on sobriety.

The HIQA podcasts are remarkable – Danni’s guests are real people, with real stories. They speak so freely, their brutal honesty brings tears, laughter & self-enquiry. And they’re so articulate & selfless - it’s like they’re destined to share their life journey for the betterment of others. I’ve found it so inspiring to listen to these intelligent, creative, caring & humorous folk who’ve shamelessly turned their back on alcohol.

Danni’s connection & ongoing support as I’ve begun my journey is a blessing, she is such fun and so passionate. The recommended reading & Insta posts are also consistent inputs.

HIQA has been the catalyst for me - to become the person I was born to be! I’m looking forward to the future.”