Start Your Rebellion

I've always been rebellious by nature. If you tell me not to do something, then that's exactly what I would go and do.

I used to see drinking alcohol, smoking and other acts of self-harm as a kind of rebellion; like it gave me an edge. ⁠What a load of rubbish! It just made me the same as everyone else I was surrounded by.⁠ I was the conformist!

I was doing what was expected of me, whilst feeding my ego with the narrative that I was in some way rebelling. The irony! I can see now that it actually gave me a feeling of superiority over sober people who I saw as nerdy, boring or straight. Now I see how short sighted and inaccurate that was. In fact, it’s kinda reversed now.

These days I see sobriety as an act of rebellion.

Drinking is marketed to us everywhere as a good time in a bottle. We are expected to drink in new social settings to ease the nerves, when catching up with old friends, at a sporting event, watching or listening to music, at any party, to mark an achievement, for any romantic situation from first dates to anniversaries.

Could you imagine standing your ground and daring to enjoy those times without something that causes you to wake up feeling down on yourself? Something that makes you feel crappy and tired and bloated and lowers your self esteem.

What if you dared to be different and rebel against this big fat marketing lie that we need alcohol to enjoy ourselves or to mark an occasion?

If it is no longer serving you, if you are feeling like you could be a living a better life without alcohol, time to roll up your sleeves and fight against it. Be a rebel. Don’t conform any longer and dare to be different.

 If you are keen to examine your relationship with alcohol, book in a coaching session and let’s plan your rebellion.