Questions That Will Change Your Life

Our questions determine the quality of our life and that is no BS! If you are having a shitty time and can't get off the treadmill of clusterfucks, chances are you are probably asking yourself the wrong questions? 

Are you continuing to ask yourself questions like: Why can't I stop drinking? Why can't I have just one? Why can't I drink like everyone else? Why am I so weak?
These types of questions are self defeating and disempowering. Your questions will determine how you feel. When you keep asking yourself questions like "Why can't I stop?", our subconscious mind assumes that we can't stop. Our mind then searches for answers to back up these presumptions and hey presto, we reinforce that old belief. 

So, rather than using old evidence to back old beliefs, we need to ask better questions that will get our mind searching for more helpful answers. We want to ask "how?".  

Asking 'how' rather than 'why' gives us a completely different feeling or emotion. 
If we were to ask, "how can I stop drinking and feel amazing?", or "how will I feel if I take 6 weeks off alcohol?" gives us the idea that it might just be possible.  
Here is how to ask some more helpful questions: 

  • Always ask "how" and ditch "why". This will help you search for ways in your mind to achieve rather than feeling stuck in a situation. 
  • Ask often. The more you ask the more you will keep reminding your subconscious that you are working on it. The repetition really helps to keep you aligned with the outcome you are after.
  • Don't force the answer. The answers will make themselves clear in good time. Perhaps someone will reach out to you. A conversation around sobriety and how someone stopped will come up. A sober friend may reach out who can help you. When we start asking 'how', the answers show up when we are ready to receive them. 
See if you can restructure your questions to be more empowering using "how" rather than "why". Start by writing them down in your journal or on paper and asking them when you wake up in the morning or several times throughout the day.