Is fear ruling your life?

You know if alcohol is not serving you. If you are a binge drinker, you are fully aware that it is holding you back from your full potential. It’s bad for your health (mental and physical), it keeps you in a rut, it is costing you money, relationships, self-esteem and the list goes on.  So why do we keep doing it to ourselves?  Maybe the answer is fear.


What are we so afraid of?


As a society we have placed so many limitations on ourselves and as such we sit in a place of judgement.  We judge others, we judge ourselves, we believe that we can’t achieve certain things in life so we settle for being less than.   We are so busy with opinions on what other people are doing, and in turn we are afraid that people will judge us if we strive for something outside of our conditioning and so we just don’t strive.  There’s not much left to do other than drink ourselves into a stupor and forget, we push our dreams to the side and the cycle repeats itself.

We stick to the slow lane and slot ourselves in to a groove that feels safe. A place where we just cruise along with the crowd, doing and saying things to fit in and we become ordinary.


What if you changed those old belief patterns that are wedged in to your subconscious mind? What if you woke up tomorrow and decided “I AM good enough and I AM worthy to strive for my dreams”.  What if those dreams became goals and you started an action plan to start achieving those goals? 

Does it feel scary to even think that? 

What if you decided “I AM worth so much more than this, I AM going to stop poisoning myself and start living?”. 


How many of us are truly living?


If you think smashing yourself with alcohol on a Friday or Saturday night then spending all weekend, eating shit food and sending out apology texts whilst dying on the couch on a Sunday is living, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog.   If you are reading this blog you might have started to feel the pull for something more.  There is a niggling feeling inside of you that wants to tap into your potential.  So what is that potential and what is the fear that is holding you back?

Pretty much every binge drinker I speak to is afraid of what their friends or family will think if they give up drinking.  They are afraid that they will be perceived as boring, or as a party pooper.  They are afraid of being pushed out of the group.  I have been there too.  I spent decades smashing myself with alcohol simply because I was afraid of not fitting in and what’s worse, I started to live up to my own very low, expectations of myself .  I was so bored of who I was and the groundhog day of each drunken weekend but I was too scared to change it.  It was what I knew, it was how people knew me. Who even am I without alcohol?  What, stop drinking?? No thanks, too scary!


The truth is once you get going with this journey, something unexpected happens.  The fog lifts,  you become happier, and you start to get a clear perspective of the way you had been living.  From there you can plot a course forward.

Alcohol dumbs us down so much that we don’t even realise our own potential.  At first just tackling a social situation can be scary, once you push through and your confidence starts to grow, alcohol becomes the least of your worries.  With your new confidence new thoughts and new beliefs about what is actually possible start arise.  You start daring to dream.  

Keep going.

Stay on your path.

Start believing you can. 

This life is way too short to live it full of fear and limiting self-talk, or to be held back by fear of judgement.  If someone is judging you, that is simply a reflection of their own limiting self-beliefs.  It has absolutely nothing to do with you.  And why should we be held back because of another person’s fears?


Break up with alcohol and move away from fear and limitations.  Dare to dream for more for yourself.