Deciding 'It's Easy'

Sometimes, you just need to decide that it’s easy.

Just to be clear, we’re not claiming that quitting alcohol will be without its struggles, but mindset is everything when it comes to quitting the booze. 

Time and time again we have found one simple strategy that helps people immeasurably. When you feel challenged tell yourself, “it’s easy”. You may be at a party and feel triggered to drink with people offering you your favourite cocktail. You can decide before you even arrive that when the offer comes up, declining is easy. 

You might find yourself being a little triggered or tempted but when you use your trusty phrase “it’s easy”, you reduce your own suffering. It keeps you light hearted and when you are light hearted you are happy and ready to face the challenge that is before you. We choose our own level of suffering 

Quitting alcohol is hard enough without increasing your own level of suffering through throwing your own pitty party. Mindset is everything and if we can cultivate a happy attitude towards the necessary change in our lifestyle then the journey will be, well … easy. 

So decide it’s easy. All you have to do is not put the drink the to your mouth and pour the contents down your throat. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Don’t fall in the trap of expecting yourself to magically not feel like a drink when you are first trying to change. Lighten up. Take it as a given that you will feel like a drink, but rest assured that it’s quite easy to not put that glass to your lips once you decide that “it’s easy”. 

Thats all you have to do, just don’t drink alcohol. You can feel like you're missing out, you can feel bored, you can kick and scream. But all you have to do for now is not drink alcohol. It’s that simple.

Say "it's easy". This simple technique reminds you that your mindset can dictate how your feel. Don’t go into this challenge dreading it or feeling like you’re missing out. That will just make it harder to go the distance. As the late Dr Wayne Dyer would say “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.  

This is not a guarantee of zero work,  but it’s a powerful technique to help you on your journey. 

Give “it’s easy” a crack this weekend and let us you know how you go!