Changing Your Beliefs

One of the keys to my sobriety journey was changing the beliefs I had about myself. That I needed alcohol to socialise, or I needed it when I was bored or to relieve stress. I even had to challenge the beliefs I had about my relationships and the narrative I told myself about them. I used to tell myself "people don't actually like me, they just hang out with me because I bring free wine, or they are just using me".

Imagine if that is the view of most of the relationships I had. How could I ever feel comfortable around people if I was always paranoid about their intentions. So I had to challenge that narrative and change it. I can assure you that my connection with people in my life changed dramatically when I stopped thinking in that way! 

That's just one example.

A belief is just a thought that is practised over and and over again. So changing them takes persistence and a lot of discipline.

Exercise 1:

Make some notes throughout the day and then journal in the evening or the following morning about the narratives and the beliefs that are a result of the narratives.

What are the beliefs you have about:

1. Yourself

2. Your current circumstances

3. Your relationship (people you work with, friends, family)

4. Your future

5 Alcohol (what is it you believed or still do believe about alcohol)

Write down what you noticed. Have a look at the end of the week and see if the narrative was a theme. Question those beliefs and perhaps think about a more optimistic version of those beliefs and literally begin to change them.

Exercise 2:

Write down an old label you had about yourself. Then write down the new label you wish to live by. For example:

Old belief : I am a party person and I can only have fun with booze.

New belief : I am complete without alcohol and life is so much more fun without it and the baggage it gives me.

The new belief should become part of your I am's and your new mantra throughout the day.


Good luck and remember, changing beliefs takes work but it is possible!