One-on-One 6 Week Intensive Sober Challenge | Weekly Coaching Calls + Daily Action Steps - REGISTRATION FULL

One-on-One 6 Week Intensive Sober Challenge | Weekly Coaching Calls + Daily Action Steps - REGISTRATION FULL

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Start your 6 Week Sober Challenge any time! 
For 6 weeks, you'll receive weekly one-on-one coaching calls with Danni to better help you stay motivated and on track. 
You'll also get 1-2 sessions before any big events, giving you strategies and the tools you need to get through them, alcohol-free. 
Plus, daily action steps will be emailed directly to you. These daily actions steps are designed to help change the way you think about alcohol and create a new way of being. It is important to take the time to complete these in order to get the most out of the challenge. NOTE: Your first action step will be emailed to you on the Sunday following your sign up. 
Included in the challenge: 
    • 6 x one-on-one coaching calls with Danni
    • 1-2 pre-event sessions 
    • Daily action steps in your inbox
    • HIQA Playbook 
    • Access to the HIQA graduates group upon successful completion of the program (the 
    • graduates group has weekly meetings, an optional book club, meet ups and more)
  • Access to meditation and breath work recordings and option to join live sessions
  • Daily check in if required
  • Phone and email contact if required
Work with Danni one-on-one and join any time!

This course is better suited to people who don't feel comfortable in a group setting or feel they need more intensive one on one guidance. 

Work towards unlocking the real reasons behind your alcohol consumption. Danni uses the trauma informed compassionate inquiry approach to uncover your core beliefs which may have caused problem drinking patterns and coping mechanisms. 

She will create a tailored plan to deal with cravings, events and uncomfortable emotions and feelings, as well as a routine and structure in your day with tailored daily tasks. 

Work with someone who has been there and gone from being a self loathing blackout drinking trash bag to a self assured, confident self loving  human navigating this beautiful life without the regrets and shame that alcohol delivers. 



Please note that fees are non-refundable for the challenge.