3 Month Sober Challenge - July 2021

Our next Sober Challenge is almost here! 

Are you ready to take a break from alcohol and rebuild your confidence and clarity? I’m starting a new 3 month challenge in July 2021 that will help you to quit drinking or just take a break. As part of a small group, you will have accountability and be backed by a community of like minded people, which will help you to stay inspired and on track.

A regular group coaching call will give you strategies and tips about how to navigate through 3 months of sobriety, as well as give everyone an opportunity to share with the group. Coaching calls are 60 minutes in length once a week.

A private Facebook group for those in the challenge will allow everyone to continue to share and get support when you need it, and also to be there for others in the group.

A one-on-one coaching session.

A FREE HIQA Playbook.

What are you waiting for? Grant yourself clarity, a fresh mindset and increased confidence!

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